Hibernate is an object-relational mapping solution for the Java language.

Medea provides a set of templates to generate value object classes and Hibernate configuration files from a class diagram.


Consider this class diagram. Note that all classes are marked with entity stereotype.

Mycompany diagram in MagicDraw 11.5

The diagram is complex enough to show Hibernate features:

  • Packages
  • Classes
  • Associations
    • named
    • directed
    • bidirectional
  • Generalizations

You may want to set up a new project to test this target. Use mycompany model; edit build.properties file and execute copy_res target as described in Quick Start section.


Two main templates in this target are:

  • Hibernate: creates Hibernate configuration files for all classes marked with entity stereotype
  • Data: creates Java POJO classes for all classes marked with entity stereotype

These templates produce all artifacts needed to create a Hibernate persistence tier. You can incorporate the results to your project. Medea provides other templates and build targets to create a Hibernate archive and service file to deploy to JBoss application server; PersistenceFacade and EJB module to use in a 3-tier J2EE application. Look for more details in CRUD with Jsp section.

  • hibernate-service: creates JBoss service configuration file
  • HibernateFacadeBean: Hibernate implementation of Facade interface to be used in Facade stateless session EJB
  • HibernateLocator: helper class to look up Hibernate session
  • FacadeLocator: helper class to look up Facade EJB
  • Facade: interface on the Facade EJB
  • Locator: helper class for jndi lookup
  • PersistenceManager: interface with persistence methods for all entities to be used in front end
  • HibernateManager: Hibernate implementation of PersistenceManager interface
  • PersistenceManagerFactoryHibernate: helper PersistenceManagerFactory creates Hibernate implementation of PersistenceManager
  • ejb-jar_har: ejb-jar.xml with Facade EJB
  • jboss_har: jboss.xml listing Hibernate module
  • jboss-app_har: jboss-app.xml listing Hibernate module

Build targets

Medea provides the following build targets to create Hibernate components:

  • trans_hibernate: Transform config files and ejb facade for Hibernate
  • trans_facade_har: Transform source files for Hibernate persistence facade
  • trans_jboss_har: Transform config files for JBoss
  • compile_har: Compile value object classes for Hibernate
  • jar_har: Make a Hibernate archive file with value object classes and config files
  • redeploy_har: Deploy Hibernate archive by copying har file