The installation is very straightforward: download and unzip the distribution, get third party tools, set up environment variables.

Third party tools

Medea is a collection of XSLT templates. Third party tools are needed for UML modelling, XSLT transformation and building.

XSLT processor

At a minimum, Medea requires only one third party tool: an XSLT processor. While any processor that adheres to XSLT 2.0 specification can be used, the following tools have been tested:

  • Saxon. Excellent open source Java-based processor.
  • Altova. You can use an XSLT processor built into XML Spy; a free Home Edition is sufficient. It is also a great tool to edit XSLT templates, examine your XMI model file and organize your files. While all existing Medea templates have been developed using XML Spy, this tool is not a requirement. A sample Spy project file is provided in the distribution.

Modeling tool

Use your favorite modeling tool to design your UML model. There's no requirement as long as the tool can export the model in XMI format. These popular modeling tools have been tested:

Build tool

Generated source files can be built and packaged with any IDE or build tool, such as Maven or Ant. Medea offers Ant build file that can be used to build components and applications from the generated code.

Application server

Generated applications and J2EE components can be run in an application container of your choice (you just have to design a template that generates container specific descriptors). Medea offers templates that generate deployment descriptors for two leading application servers.

Environment variables

After you downloaded and installed the tools please set these environment variables.

Minimum. These variables are used in the build script for transformation.

  • MEDEA_HOME ex. C:\projects\medea
  • SAXON_HOME ex. C:\Java\saxonb8-8j
  • ANT_HOME ex. C:\Java\apache-ant-1.6.5

Additional. If you'd like to build J2EE components and deploy to application servers, please make sure these variables are set. They are used in the build script as well.

  • BEA_HOME ex. c:\bea
  • JBOSS_HOME ex. C:\Program Files\jboss-4.0.4.GA